Hôtel L de Lutèce- Studio de Bien-Être

Pure relaxation


Reserved for L de Lutèce guests’ use, the studio can be booked for private 30-minute sessions of complete bliss.

A relaxing interlude at the end of a long day, a soothing break to get rid of jet lag or simply to take time out before your departure: The Hotel L de Lutèce wellness studio awaits you for a sublime experience in a softly lit setting…

From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. by reservation at Reception

An alternative to the floating bed

The Hammam

For a rewarding experience, during which your muscles will forget the day’s stress, the steam bath will envelop you in the peace and tranquillity of natural scents. Time slows down to offer you a deeply satisfying interlude in soothing clouds of vapour. The beneficial effects of this relaxing immersion will be even greater, if you alternate it with an invigorating cold shower;

Private 20-minute session

Hôtel L de Lutèce- Studio de Bien-Être
Hôtel L de Lutèce
Hôtel L de Lutèce


Hôtel L de Lutèce- Studio de Bien-Être

Sensorial shower

Rain can on occasion be a novel source of contentment. Sheltered from the hustle and bustle outside, you can programme a cool mist suffused with blue light, a menthol mist of invigorating essential oils or a warm, invigorating tropical shower. The shower, equipped with variable flow and lighting controls, is ideal for relaxing and clearing the mind as part of a multisensorial experience.

10-minute programme, booking required.

Hôtel L de Lutèce- Studio de Bien-Être